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Oregon Bicycle Ride, 2007


This year's Oregon Bicycle Ride offered us a chance to explore a lot of country in northern California that I had heard about, but not seen. Based on our experience on Oregon Bicycle Ride 2004 I was concerned that the temperatures might be very high and the campsites hot. However, we experienced temperatures about 15 degrees cooler than normal, which was just right. As always, the tour was organized by Bicycle Rides Northwest, a company based in Bend, Oregon.


Day Start Stop Mileage Elevation Gain
August 12 Cave Junction, OR Ashland, OR 76 4160
August 13 Ashland, OR Yreka, CA 53 4270
August 14 Yreka, CA Etna, CA 60 3630
August 15 Layover in Etna (we did not ride)    
August 16 Etna, CA Orleans, CA 87 6250
August 17 Orleans, CA Happy Camp, CA 46 3550
August 18 Happy Camp, CA Cave Junction, OR 52 5550
374 27410