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Oregon Bicycle Ride, 2008


The Oregon Bicycle Ride returned this year to the Oregon Coast, the first time since 1997. Linda looked forward to visiting North Bend, where she lived when her sons were born. The route actually took us by her old house along the coast. We stayed two nights at Bandon, where we spend one night on the Oregon Bicycle Ride 1997. I looked forward to seeing the area again after 11 years of touring. As always, the tour was organized by Bicycle Rides Northwest, a company based in Bend, Oregon.


Day Start Stop Mileage Elevation Gain
August 10 Cottage Grove Reedsport 89 3110
August 11 Reedsport Bandon 69 3474
August 12 Layover in Bandon (we did not ride)    
August 13 Bandon Powers 68 2708
August 14 Powers Riddle 81 7326
August 15 Riddle Millpond 51 4940*
August 16 Millpond Cottage Grove 53 3630
411 25188*

* 16 miles were removed from this day's route, but the elevation gain (CEG) was not adjusted in the table.