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Washington Bicycle Ride, 2008


Bicycle Rides Northwest, a company based in Bend, Oregon, replaced their Bicycle Idaho rides starting in 2007 with the Washington Bicycle Ride but I did not ride it that year. Linda did and found it a scenic route. This year's route was very similar but in reverse direction and Linda suggested I join her on it. I had never ridden in Northeast Washington north of Spokane so the country was new to me. Note that the Washington Bicycle Ride continues the pattern from Bicycle Idaho of being one day shorter than the Oregon Bicycle Ride.


Day Start Stop Mileage Elevation Gain
July 27 Mead, WA Chewelah 77 3360
July 28 Chewelah Colville 75 4428
July 29 Layover in Colville (we did not ride)    
July 30 Colville Box Canyon Dam 69 5225
July 31 Box Canyon Dam Newport 56 *
August 1 Newport Mead 44 2325
321 15338*

* Linda and I decided to take the shorter and more direct route today, since the extension did not seem to offer much beyond a few more miles and a climb and descent (on chip seal) near the end of the route. We do not have an elevation gain for our shorter route.